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    Rui Xinhang Textile Electronic Equipment incorporates researching and developing, producing, selling and serving into a unity with advanced production technology and perfect detection means. It has already formed various kinds of specification seriations at present. The products of the company adopt imported integrated chip, SMT production technology and digitized technology, and the property and quality of product reach the advanced level of international product of the same kind, and lie in the leading position among domestic products and can exchange foreign products directly.
    Our company mainly produces and sells RXH woof detector, Rui Xin hang woof sensor, electronicdobby electromagnet, encoder, proximity switch, dobby limit switch, rapier loom electric-controlbox, ciRcuit board, tension sensor etc.,which is extensively appiled to such fields as industrial automation control and textile machinery. For its steady quality, the product finds a good sale in many counteies of southeast Asia and wins the favorable comment from users.
    In line with the management aim of "customer first, based on sincerity", our company provides the masses of users wholeheartedly with superb products and high-quality service. Welcome the old and new customers at home and abroad to carry out sincere cooperation and technology negotiation.
New microcontroller based weft detector for rapier looms.
    RXHFZ-TX-CAN2.0 can directly replace ROJ TE400 Cmatic weft detector
    The RXHFZ-TX-CAN2.0 is a piezo-electric weft yarn detectors with a current output signal proportional to the number of wefts running at the same time. It can perform as a single filling insertion control or a double filling insertion control (ANTI-2 and ANTI-3 functions). The configuration may have 8 eyelets.
    The RXHFZ-TX-CAN2.0 has been developed to meet the requirements of
    those weaving companies which often change articles or weave different yarn types at the same time.
    RXHFZ-TX-CAN2.0 advantages
    Advantages for the weaver
    The RXHFZ-TX-CAN2.0 has been developed to meet the requirements of those weaving companies which often change articles or weave different yarn types at the same time.
    No manual adjustments are needed for sensitivity settings.
    Each eyelet is able to find independently the best regulation by adapting the control to the characteristics of each single weft.
    This helps the optimization of the weft arrival setting.
    The use of the CAN BUS system allows the sensor control on real time and the data acquisition for sensitivity monitoring.
    TheRXHFZ-TX-CAN2.0 can manage, without problems, yarns with very different counts and roughness characteristics.
    The RXHFZ-TX-CAN2.0 weft feeler can be used with the following looms. LEONARDO – VAMATEX - ALPHA – SOMET
    N.B. In some case a software update from the loom manufacturer may be required.
    Automatic sensitivity adjustment (Patent pending).
    A signal provided by the loom control-board, synchronised with the end of weft control, allows separate eyelet automatic sensitivity adjustment and optimised for specific \yarns working parameters. A couple of picks for each weft are necessary to obtain the best sensitivity adjustment.
    All the flexibility of CAN-BUS
    RXHFZ-TX-CAN2.0 will interface any loom with full-CAN standard bus, for set-up data transfer or runtime information exchange.
    Output signal
    Current Output Signal: three different current levels depending on the number of yarns simultaneously moving.
    RXHFZ-TX-CAN2.0 technical specifications
    Eyelets 8
    Hole diameter >= 7 mm
    Workable yarns: Monofilament and multifilament >= 18 dtex
    Spun yarns <= Ne 120
    Silk or similar >= 15 dtex
    Voltage supply: Rectified and filtered supply, ranging from 15 to 30 VDC.
    Less than2.2V peak to peak ripple voltage
    (frequency <= 120 Hz)
    Current supply: <= 200 mA @30VDC, output not activated.
    Current output signal: 0 mA for no weft running.
    2.75 mA for one weft running
    5.5 mA for two wefts running at the same time.
    11.0 mA for three or more wefts running at the same time
    Current tolerance: ± 10 %
    This output signal is protected against any short circuit to positive, negative and sensitivity wires.
    Connector: Standard DB9 Shell connector
    Mechanical fixing: Two shock absorbers must be used to mount the weft detector directly on the loom’s frame (included).
    Physical dimension: Length 218 /mm
    Height 52.5 mm (without shock absorber)
    Width 54.2 mm
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